The Girls


Here are just a few of the girls we hope to reach out with this project. They all attend schools located in slums in Western Uttar Pradesh.

Their life as a rule is tough enough already without having to worry about periods. All of these girls live below the poverty line, and more often than not find themselves having to fit their education in around household chores, looking after younger siblings, even a job in some cases. Very few of them are able to afford sanitary pads, which results in unsafe menstrual hygiene practices that are often exacerbated by the taboos still associated with menstruation in India today.

If you’d like to help any of them, please send us an email with the subject line ‘Pads for Girls’ and we can begin the process of putting you in touch with each other.


THANK YOU for taking an interest. It’s really important that these children know that somebody, somewhere, is looking out for them.

If you would like to do even more, please visit our ‘School Fee Sponsorship’ page for information on how to contribute directly to a child’s education.