‘Pads for Girls’ project: a new kind of sponsorship program

As a woman, you may have experienced this unpleasant sensation in your lower belly, the annoying bleeding, the tiredness and irritation that comes back every month to your greatest displeasure!

Yes, you got it, we are talking periods, menses, menstruation or whatever you want to call them.

All of us who have experienced them can say it: periods are annoying and frustrating!

But what if they kept you from living your normal daily life to a greater extent? What if they isolated you from others? …it seems a bit to much to bear no?

Yet, this situation is endured by many many girls in India, where menstruations can become a true handicap as they are a cultural taboo.

We met young girls and made a special documentary about this issue, called “The Curse”. You can watch it now to understand what impact periods have on them:

As menstruations are a taboo in India, many poor village girls and women do not have any access to menstrual hygiene products. They have to use old pieces of cloth which are unhygienic and can provoke severe infections (called Reproductive Tract Infections).

This lack of menstrual management forces many girls to give up on their studies as they reach puberty (there was only a 66% literacy rate for women in India in 2011).

If you think about it… would you go to school when you’re bleeding and without any way of hiding it and keeping yourself clean?

Most of these girls and women cannot afford to buy hygienic sanitary pads, and…

… if you feel concerned by the issue, it is where you will be able to help !

We want to create a special bond between women of the World, and we propose that you sponsor a disadvantaged Indian girl by donating a small amount of money each month, simply to cover her sanitary pad expenses.

We would collect your donations and take care of buying the pads and distributing them to the girls, as we are used to carrying out hygiene promotion activities in many schools around our office.

In exchange you would make a new friend in India, and we would ensure that you can communicate with her, follow her studies and know how life is going on for her!

You are interested in the program? Please send us an email and we will get back to you immediately with more details.

Thank you for reading! Please share our initiative with all your friends and contacts: the more women participate, the more girls’ lives will be improved!